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About Local 120 AFSCME

Local 120 AFSCME represents County and City employees in the Cities of Tacoma, Bonney Lake and Orting, WA, as well as Pierce County, Tacoma Public Library, Pierce County Utilities Wastewater Maintenance Employees and the Tacoma/Pierce County Health Department.

Local 120 Officers:
President: George Hermosillo
Vice-President: Robbyn Young
Secretary-Treasurer: Ed Fauxbel

Recording Secretary: Cynthia Trainer

Sergeant At Arms: Helen Parks

Joyce Seger
JoLyn Reisdorf
Mandel Hardy

Council 2 Staff Representatives
Dylan Carlson Olympia Office
Michael Rainey (City of Orting Staff Rep.)

Council 2 Main Offices
Bill Keenan, Everett Offic... Read More

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Local 120 AFSCME

Local 120 AFSCME
George Hermosillo, President

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